$99,542,762 returned in 2016
Number of Records

Number of Records

The number of records is growing constantly as states and provinces add information on unclaimed property weekly

Number of Reporters

Number of Reporters

The total number of companies and funds waiting for owners and heirs to claim their money and other intangible personal property

Missing Assets

If your property remains dormant for a certain period of time and you have given no chances to the organizations, i.e. the holders or the ones who actually hold your funds, to contact you, you may consider yourself a legitimate unclaimed property owner.

Unclaimed property laws necessitate institutions annually reviewing their records in order to determine if they possess any unclaimed assets. If so, they are required to file reports of their findings. Prior to reporting and turning over funds to unclaimed property offices a due notice is sent to the owner's last known address. In case of no response, assets are remitted to the state.

How to Claim Your Unclaimed Property?

Instead of checking numerous individual states’ websites, as there is always possibility you may have unclaimed items in several states, choose easier way – bigblogcollection.com!

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  1. Search the online unclaimed property database for your name. Please enter all the required information: type in the first and last names, as well as property ID, your current address or addresses you’ve lived at before, and a state to narrow down the search. Click on "Search".
  2. If you find a match, go to the state or provincial unclaimed property office’s website. Select “File a Claim” and follow easy steps to complete the process.
  3. Receive your unclaimed property. It’s just that simple.

You may have money waiting for you. It is yours! Claim it!

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